The source, center and continuity of male beauty

Our mission is to revive the spirit of old barber shops and retrieve the culture of grooming and care that was common for gentlemen in the middle of the last century. We are inspired by extremely popular barber shops around the world, like Schorem, Savills barbers and Three Brothers Barbershop, and by drawing from their experience we learn how to be up to date with global trends.

Gospon Fulir imports and distributes hair pomades, pastes and creams, mustache and beard oils, waxes and foams along with other hairdressing tools and inventory.

Currently we have over 20 different hair pomades, waxes and creams in our offer and Reuzel, Uppercut, Suavecito and Royal Crown are only some of the globally known brands used by rock ‘n’ roll legends like Elvis and Johnny Cash.

Apart from hair care products we also offer beard and moustache balms and oils, important for softening, regeneration and hydration of skin and beard giving you a softer and richer look while decreasing irritation, and preventing the ingrowth of hair and skin flaking. Mr. Bear, Capt. Fawcett, Stern, Apothecary 87 are currently the best brands for beard and moustache care and grooming that we have in our offer.

Everything from the web shop can be bought in our store as well.


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